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What is a payday loan? Find out at Loans Now. They are a temporary amount of money that is borrowed when a person is having a financial crisis, and there is no other source of funds to borrow from. Often when a crisis hits, people fall back on their friends and family in order to make ends meet. Not everyone has this luxury, and that is what payday loans are designed to rectify.

Do you need a loan? If so, we encourage you to fill out our application today. Regardless of your credit position, as long as you are either employed or receiving benefits, it is a good idea to fill out our application. It is free of charge to apply, you will not be charged anything for submitting an application.

  • Bad Credit is OK - we focus mainly on your ability to repay your loan.
  • No credit checks - we do not check your credit as part of our application process.

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Apply either online or in London

If you need a payday loan, we encourage you to apply online. We can entirely process your loan application from the convenience of your own home. However, if you are in London and near the address we have posted below, we encourage you to apply in person if that is more convenient.

  • Online Loan Processing UK
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EndOfTheRainbow London News

Learn How to Save Money

24th September, 2017

Boost Your Savings

While a payday loan can really help during a fiancial crisis, it is much better to prepare for a rainy day ahead of time! Learn how to budget properly and save money each month in this article.
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27th September, 2017

Guide on Spending Wisely

Top 10 ways to save money on a budget. Are you low on funds? When we are dealing with limited money, we can get through a difficult financial crisis by spending wisely. Here you can find out the best ways to save money by not spending it in the first place.
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29th September, 2017

How Can Payday Loans Help You?

Payday loans are a different type of lending that has various benefits and detriments, depending on your particular situation. It is not always advised to get this type of loan. While they can be a lifesaver when confronting a difficult financial situation, they are an expensive type of loan that you would not want to take out frivolously. Only get one when you have an emergency to take care of, never to spend on things that are not critical to pay for immediately.
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Payday Solutions

Following are different types of loans we are able to offer.

Do you need a loan online? We are able to help. Reference the list below for the types of deals we are able to offer.

  • Bad Credit Loans.
  • No Credit Check Loans.
  • Loans for People on Benefits.
  • Same Day and Overnight Loans
  • No paperwork no fax loans.
  • Guaranteed payday loans.

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